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Wigs & Extension Care Tips

Wigs & Extension Care Tips

Wigs & Extension Care Tips

1. Comb through hair with fingers daily. Avoid using combs or picks on curly or wavy hair. Preferably use detangling brush,

2. Wash every 2 weeks to maintain soft and tangle free hair. Wash hair and condition every week if hair is bleached or if you are using hair products on the hair to avoid product buildup and damaged and/or fried ends.

3. DO NOT wash wig while still on your head, This can cause damage and/or health concerns to your natural hair such as mildew underneath the wig

4. Use sulfate-free shampoo to wash the hair. Use silicone conditioner to condition hair,

5. Condition hair for 30-45 minutes on curly and wavy hair to rejuvenate curl pattern after bleaching

6. Sleep with hair in satan cap or on satan pillows to receive longer lasting tangle-free hair and for better care of the hair

7. Use a light weight oil on hair to maintain soft and sheen appearance free of dryness AVIOD using heavy oils, this will cause product buildup and may cause tangles,

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